Replacement of Old Wooden Deck with Composite Material

Deck Repairs

A beautiful deck can become a defining characteristic of a home, providing a scenic space to entertain guests and create memories outdoors. Establish your home as the go-to destination for all social gatherings with an expertly crafted and consistently maintained deck. From hosting summer barbecues with your neighborhood friends to simply relaxing in the crisp autumn air while your kids are at school, a deck is a truly social structure.

There are many benefits to having a deck for your home. The incorporation of a deck can increase the overall living space of your home and boost your home’s potential market value. This singular addition makes a noticeable impact on the visual appeal of your home. However, these structures can be easily neglected during the winter, leading to damage and calling for immediate repair. For wood decks, regular inspection is needed to keep the framework safe and the format attractive. Edwards Home Pro Services provides essential deck upkeep and repair to restore the aesthetic value of your home and strengthen the deck’s structural safety for your family.

As an outdoor space, a deck is comparatively more vulnerable to the natural elements than any other facet of the housing construction. Mold, water damage and sunlight exposure are lead stressors to the appearance and strength of the architecture. When warning signs of deck damage are detected, immediate action is imperative. Edwards Home Pro services is the team you can depend on for deck repair.

Mold and mildew negatively impact the structural integrity of your deck, weakening the support. This is incredibly dangerous. Additionally, mold and mildew exposure is detrimental to your family’s health. Symptoms of a mold allergy include sneezing, runny nose, coughing, wheezing, eye irritation and skin irritation. If any mold is evident on the boards of your deck, the boards must be cleaned.

Edwards Home Pro Services provides necessary deep cleaning to uproot the source of mold. We operate with respect to the home and its residents, upholding discrete professionalism.

Splintering surface area and discoloration are common byproducts of water damage. This is caused when water is absorbed into the wood overtime due to precipitation. Concentrated water can encourage growth of mold, mildew and algae. It’s helpful to identify signs of water damage before it evolves into harmful growths that further weaken the structure and present negative health impacts.

Sunlight exposure is another common cause of damage to decks. Harmful UV rays spark both a cosmetic and architectural problem. Consequential discoloration is evident, such as wood appearing gray in appearance. Gentle washing, as opposed to pressure cleaning, is the ideal service in order to restore the weakened surface of your deck.

Deck neglect can transform your scenic oasis into an abandoned eyesore for your home, emphasizing the need for frequent maintenance. There are a variety of factors that damage your deck, and Edwards Pro Services has the resources and experience to repair all common issues.

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