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Employ our expert team to assess the health of your roof and mend any sources of damage. Edwards Home Pro Services can tackle any obstacle, ranging from roofing inspections to repairing roof damage caused from natural disruption.

Roof upkeep is imperative and directly impacts the structural integrity of the home. Establishing and consistently maintaining a structurally sound, definitively secure roof will ensure that your home is energy efficient and protected from natural hazards. While the roof serves as your home’s key defense against the elements, it is also the most vulnerable component of the architecture. This fragility emphasizes the demand for regular roof assessment and repair.

There are several causes of roof damage, including debris, weather disruption, faulty gutters, water damage and animal interaction. We encourage frequent roof check-ups to uncover signs of damage in its inaugural stage and work towards preventing future issues. Some noticeable changes in the house’s exterior could be influenced by unknown roofing flaws.

There are several signs and common housing ailments that point to the need for immediate repair or assessment. Much information can be gleaned from the state of the roofing shingles. Cracked or missing roof shingles reveal that the roofing shingles are in need of replacement and lacking durability. The set of shingles must be in collective perfection, otherwise they hinder functionality. If the shingles appear dark or wet, moisture from precipitation could be absorbed into the roof. Moisture creates a slippery slope, leading to potential water damage and resulting mold and mildew growth.

Other than the hidden clues existent in the roofing shingles, there are many other signs that hint towards roof damage. For example, peeling exterior paint and deterioration of the vents, pipes and chimneys are all consequences of roofing ailments.

Edwards Home Pro Services has the solution to your most complex roofing needs. Our 25 years of experience in roofing prepare us to tackle projects of a wide range and varying degrees of severity.

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