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Gutter Repairs

Edwards Home Pro Services emphasizes the importance of gutter assessment and necessary repair.

Frequent gutter inspection and efficient repair is a crucial element in the structural integrity of a home due to the codependence of many architectural elements. More specifically, the structural strength of the roof is directly linked to the health of the gutters. This codependence places emphasis on the importance of structurally sound gutters.

There are many negative consequences to gutter damage. When the gutter system is weak, water will run beneath the roof shingles and weaken the roof construction. This can occur due to precipitation from common weather such as rain or snow. Water concentration due to a leaking gutter system can create a cracked foundation and lead to basement flooding. The gutters even have the potential to break off if damage becomes severe and repair is neglected. Severe gutter flooding can impact the roof, the siding, the deck and your landscaping.

Identifying the signs of gutter repair early could protect your home from further damage. Age can be an indicator, with the lifespan of a gutter an estimated 15 to 20 years. If you notice any pooled water, cracks, rust, leaking or changes in airflow, gutter inspection would be incredibly beneficial.

Prevent clutter in your gutters with routine maintenance through Edwards Home Pro Services.

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